"Write it on the walls and read it."

peintures prehistoriques

Adrien Burnet


Peintures préhistoriques is a multidisciplinary project of Adrien Burnet, mixing typography, graphic design, graffiti, edition and video. I gives a contemporary vision of cave painting, and by that also evokes thoughts and doubts about the visual nature of humans as well as a reflections about the traces of human identity. In its experimental form somewhere between pixelated tokens and rudimentary typeface lays its own visual interpretation of the token—type distinction of logic and lingual identity theory.


Adrien Burnet, born 1993, is a graphic designer and typographer. He works in Marseille and Paris, amongst others with the artist and design collective Label Famille.


The type—token distinction is a distinction that separates a descriptive concept from objects that instantiate the concept, seen as particular instances of it.